Their world turned upside down. This time, the tumor was the size of a grapefruit, and it took two difficult and dangerous surgeries to remove it. Daisy started a second, stronger course of chemotherapy. The beautiful peach fuzz that covered her head again fell out, and there was a much smaller chance that she would survive the recurring Wilms tumor. One day, as she received her daily shot, she wept, "I hate cancer."

Everyone who knew her agreed, and around the world, friends and family sought God for healing for Daisy. One day, her parents found her spinning the globe and kissing it, to "thank all the people who are praying for me." Once again, God heard and answered prayer, and Daisy Love was healed of cancer.

Daisy and her family realized that every day of their lives were in the hands of God. During her treatment, Daisy told her parents: "People are only one times important and God is like a thousand million billion googolplex important." The fragility of Daisy's life and health has kept them constantly looking to Jesus for strength and grace, and He has been their only hope.

After her second battle with cancer, the family counted each day as a gift. Daisy began taking horseback riding lessons, dancing jazz and ballet, and enjoying friends without fear of germs. She played with her brother, Isaiah, fell asleep with her dog, Sugar, kissed her mom and dad and sang songs to her Savior. For 12 months, she lived, laughed, and played like any normal 7 year-old, and her beautiful golden hair grew and curled to her shoulders. Hope was restored and all things seemed new. Until the day that Daisy went in for a routine scan, and the dreaded words were spoken for a third time:

Daisy has cancer yet again.

Their world went dark.