Their world spun. In that moment, everything about her picture perfect life changed. Daisy underwent a lengthy surgery to remove her Wilms tumor, which was the size of a Nerf football and took up most of her abdominal cavity. Following the surgery, she was left with only one kidney. She underwent difficult treatments of chemotherapy and radiation. She lost her beautiful, golden hair, her eyelashes and eyebrows, and much of her energy. For many months, she was unable to leave the hospital or her house. Through the months of pain and suffering, her family and church prayed for a miracle: that God would heal their beloved Daisy Love. Jesus heard their prayers, and answered. Daisy survived her first battle with cancer.

After the treatment was completed and her first scan came back clean, Daisy celebrated! She and her family visited Hawaii, swam with sea turtles, ate shaved ice on the beach, surfed in the ocean, and enjoyed a beautiful month of health. Until Daisy began to complain of a stomachache that became unbearably painful. For the second time, she was rushed to the hospital, and for a second time, the devastating words were spoken:

Daisy has cancer. Again.